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The Best Drinks With Sushi

Now that long-awaited Sushi weekend is just around the corner, this question must have popped into your mind and you can already taste the crunchy and creamy goodness but, something is missing. Right? The perfect drink to pair it with because that sushi can make you thirsty. But do not worry We got you covered.
In this Blog, we will tell you about some of the best Drinks options that you can Pair with your sushi for the weekend.


Whiskey is regarded as a strong alcoholic beverage that's usually served after dinner. However, it's also a good pairing with certain types of food. A complex food with bold flavors, sushi is a type of food that has many elements. Some of these include the sweet and sour taste of the rice, the salty notes of seaweed, and the depth of the soy sauce. Also, there's the sinus-clearing effect of the heat of the wasabi and the Ginger.

Good whiskey is a great addition to a variety of food, such as sushi. Yamazaki Single Malt is a Japanese whiskey that's perfect for pairing with your favorite food.


Umeshu, which is a type of Japanese liquor, is made from the fruit of the Ume plum, which is also known as the Japanese apricot. It was traditionally used to treat sore throats. Its sweet and sour flavor made it a popular drink.

Commonly referred to as plum wine, Umeshu isn't actually a type of wine. Instead, it provides a citrus note that's both sweet and sour, making it a great pair with sushi.


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Beer is also commonly used to accompany certain types of food, such as sushi. However, some beers can overpower the delicate texture of the fish and ruin the light taste of the food. Fortunately, there are various types of beers that can complement the flavor of the food, such as Sapporo or Pilsners.

One of the important things about drinking beer with sushi is to try not to go with an old beer. Mostly, Japanese beers such as Sapporo or the Asahi are very good when it comes to sushi. These are very similar to American light beers, but with a better taste. Almost any sushi house will carry these types of beers.

Although Guinness is also a popular beer, it doesn't do well with sushi. Dark beers, such as those like the India Pale, will overpower the flavor of the food. Other types of beers, such as those from the Hops and IPAs, will also overpower the taste of the food.

If you can't find a Japanese beer, try a light beer such as a Coors Light or an Amstel Light. These are both very good when it comes to pairing food with beer, but they lack the crispiness of Japanese beers.


As already discussed above to maintain the delicate taste of sushi, it is important to avoid over-producing the aromatic or extreme textures that can overpower the flavors of fish. Thus, another good drink to pair with sushi is sake, as this will enhance the presentation of the dish.

The best sake is said to have a mild citrus-like taste. This helps to maintain the delicate and flavorful characteristics of the fish. Dry Ginjo or Junmai is also a good choice when it comes to pairing sake with various rolls, such as the California Roll or the Nigiri Roll.



Most people who are new to sushi will find it easier to enjoy it with wine. It is recommended to pair your sushi with Mescal, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, or, Pinot Grigio.

Another thing to mention while choosing your wine with sushi is to stay away from fullers and darker variants of wines. White wine spritzers are also a great way to go with sushi. They can be chilled, which helps keep them from getting too full of ice. Oaked Portuguese white, Young red burgundy, and koshu are also great choices if you consider pairing your sushi with wine.


Champagne is also a great accompaniment to albacore tuna or yellowtail tuna rolls. Its smooth texture makes it an ideal drink to accompany delicate seafood dishes.

Champagnes such as Moncuit Blanc de Blancs or Bollinger Brut Ros are great when paired with fried shrimp sushi. The combination of their smooth texture and ocean flavor will enhance the dish. Dry sparkling wines, such as Cr'mant d'Alsace, are not only great for entertaining, but they can also enhance the flavor of seafood and allows you to fully appreciate the delicate taste of sushi.


Although there are many alcoholic drinks that are best with sushi, tea is also a great alternative. Its high heat can help keep the body cool and provide a refreshing taste between bites. Ginger ale is also another great option to go with sushi if you are choosing a non-alcoholic drink for Sushi Night.

Final Thoughts :)

What pairs best with the sushi depends on an individual taste and how you enjoy it. But one thing to remember is that don't go with a pairing that will compete or overpower the flavor of the sushi.